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Finding Your Zen Seat: A Review of best Meditation Pillows

Ah, meditation. An aching back and restless knees frequently obstruct the pursuit of inner peace. Enter the meditation pillow, your trusty throne on the path to enlightenment. But with so many options, choosing the right one can feel like navigating a labyrinth blindfolded. Fear not, fellow seekers! I've ventured into the world of Zafus to compare three popular yoga meditation pillows from KANYOGA, Core Asana, and WiseLife. Let's find your best yoga pillow for meditation.

Red meditation pillow

KANYOGA Buckwheat Hulls Zafu:

  • First Impressions: This L-shaped cushion is a generous 50x20cm, ideal for larger meditators or those who like to sprawl. The berry-coloured cotton cover is soft and removable for easy cleaning.

  • Comfort: Buckwheat hulls conform to your body, providing excellent support and airflow. However, some may find the filling noisy or require adjusting for optimal height.

  • Bonus Points: The removable cover means you can switch up the look or even add extra padding if needed.

  • Downsides: The size might be overwhelming for petite meditators, and the buckwheat hulls might not be everyone's cup of tea (or should I say, a cushion of zen?).


Meditation pillow

Core Asana, Half Moon Zafu:

  • First Impressions: This crescent-shaped cushion is compact and portable, measuring 38x13cm. The organic cotton cover in a calming cedar hue feels luxurious and adds a touch of eco-consciousness.

  • Comfort: The buckwheat hulls offer good support, and the crescent shape naturally elevates your knees, promoting proper posture. However, the smaller size might not be suitable for longer meditation sessions or for those who prefer a higher seat.

  • Bonus Points: The zippered cover makes for easy filling adjustments, and the organic cotton is gentle on sensitive skin.

  • Downsides: The smaller size might not be everyone's cup of tea, and the crescent shape might feel restrictive for some sitting styles.


Red and round meditation pillow

WiseLife Premium Cotton Zafu Meditation Pillow:

  • First Impressions: This classic round meditation pillow comes in a vibrant red and measures 38x13cm. The 100% organic cotton cover is plush and washable, making it perfect for post-pranayama laundry runs.

  • Comfort: The cotton filling is soft and gentle, providing comfortable support for shorter meditation sessions. However, the lack of buckwheat hulls might not offer enough support for longer sits or those seeking optimal posture.

  • Bonus Points: The carrying handle makes it easy to tote your zen to the park or retreat, and the washable cover keeps it hygienically fresh.

  • Downsides: The cotton filling might not provide enough support for everyone, and the lack of buckwheat hulls might not be suitable for those seeking a more adjustable cushion.


Multiple white pillows

So, which are the best meditation pillows on Amazon?

It depends on your personal preferences and meditation style.

  • For spacious sitters and buckwheat enthusiasts, the KANYOGA L-zafu offers ample room and adjustable support.

  • For portable peace seekers who value eco-friendly materials, the Core Asana Half Moon is a compact and comfortable choice for meditative practices.

  • For those prioritizing plush comfort and easy cleaning, the WiseLife Cotton Zafu provides a gentle landing pad for shorter mindfulness journeys.

Ultimately, the best meditation cushion is the one that brings you closer to your inner peace. Experiment, explore, and find your zen seat!

Bonus Tip: Don't be afraid to add extra padding or adjust the filling to personalize your cushion for optimal comfort. Happy meditating!


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