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a girl trapped in insomnia

Hello friends,  I am  Ria. I am so happy to see you take the necessary steps for the better tomorrow.

In this day and age of rat race and no rest, I also gave in to the miserable urban lifestyle. 

improving routines, battling sleep disorders like insomnia are heavy journeys, it requires patience.  I couldn't commit to what didn't make me feel better that instant. But, when I started meditating, those few minutes of gentle movements and tranquil thoughts, block by block, turned me into a positive person who wasn't scared to get in bed anymore.


To inspire and guide people on their journey of self care using the best tools provided by the practice of meditation.


Our vision is to be a leading online resource for meditation, offering valuable insights, practical guidance, and transformative experiences to individuals seeking to enhance their well-being and embrace a more conscious lifestyle.

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